Patient-centric Clinical Trials

Drug research is a crucial part of the drug discovery and development process. With the efficacy of a drug entirely dependent on its effect on human subjects, it is only when clinical benefits are demonstrated in select patients during various phases of study that FDA approval and commercial release permissions are received.


Clinical trials are a benchmark to test the efficiency and safety of drug therapies throughout the drug design process. AUM Biosciences’ use of precision medicine in combination with digital health tools enables patient stratification based on symptoms and health behaviours.As thousands of patients volunteer across all three phases of drug clinical trials, this highly ethical and transparent process helps in the identification of patients relevant for treatment, including the tracking of disease severity in both trial and clinical settings.

At AUM Biosciences, our patient-centric, clinical trial approach is autonomous and led by qualified independent researchers to ensure fairness and quality throughout the trial process. With Asia-prevalent cancers on an upward spiral, our focus is on conducting clinical trials within the continent using digitisation to manage trial costs and improve study outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to create a digital platform that will help clinicians and research partners make better informed decisions backed by this robust clinical data.