AUM Biosciences adds Jeanne Taylor Hecht to its Board of Advisors

AUM Biosciences (AUM), a Singapore-based company officially announced today the addition of Jeanne Taylor to its Board of Advisors. AUM is focused on the development of innovative and affordable oncology medicines for cancers with high unmet medical need in Asia.

About Jeanne Taylor Hecht

Jeanne Taylor Hecht is a global Business Executive and Board Member with over 20 years of experience leading successful teams across mature and emerging markets within product development, pharmaceutical services and life sciences.

She has served on over 5 Board member positions, providing advisory on education, research and business planning. Previously she was also a Board Member and Chief Operating Officer at Median Technologies. Previously the Senior Vice President, Global Head of Sales of Quintiles, Inc., Jeanne was responsible for delivering over $5 billion in annual turnover and leading the sales strategy for its IPO Global Head of Site and Patient Networks, IQVIA, which generated over 300% in new business growth.

Today, Jeanne is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of JTH consulting LLC, supporting companies with their sales, marketing, market growth strategies, advisory and board work. She has deep expertise in implementing patient recruitment implementation models, personalized medicine and disease specific networks, clinical partnering strategies and fit-for-purpose partnering models globally

”Precision medicine isn’t only about the science, it is about the humanistic side of care. The ability to individualize treatment to a patient is a win for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Patients will have more predictable outcomes and feel more engaged in their care. Researchers and pharmaceutical leaders, like those at Aum Biosciences, will experience greater success as they translate years of hard work to tangible results for these patients in need,” says Jeanne Taylor Hecht, Board Member, AUM Biosciences.

Throughout her career, Jeanne has been a sought-after speaker and presenter, and author on several topics, including clinical care and women in health care. She has addressed Congress, spoken before the British Prime Minister, published a number of articles and has been an invited speaker at several investment conferences.

Jeanne volunteers with Senior PharmAssist, a nonprofit group that provides medication access and medication therapy management to seniors in North Carolina. She further volunteers with Kids=Play, a nonprofit group building playgrounds for children with disabilities in Southern Virginia, and with Ronald McDonald House. Jeanne holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration, University of Michigan.

About AUM Biosciences

AUM Biosciences is an oncology-focused biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the development of innovative, affordable cancer medicines for patients in Asia and around the world. AUM Biosciences focuses on early-stage development of innovative medicines for the treatment of Asian-prevalent cancers.

AUM Biosciences will have a specific focus on indications such as hepatocellular carcinoma, head and neck cancer, gastric cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, triple negative breast cancer, prostate and colorectal cancer. With a huge opportunity to identify targets for unmet medical needs, AUM Biosciences will partner and collaborate with leading research institutes, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies bringing new, affordable and effective therapies to patients in need. For more information, please visit or