Breaking News: AUM Biosciences acquires Small Molecule ETC-206 – A Novel, Highly Selective Anti-Cancer Drug

AUM Biosciences is delighted to announce our first acquisition of Singapore’s home-grown small molecule ETC-206 from A*STAR’s Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC). The first in our pipeline, this novel, highly selective anti-cancer drug, continues to pave the way for our “Asia to Global” approach by accelerating the development of innovative and affordable medicines. ETC-206’s licensing by AUM puts both Singapore and the company at the forefront of emerging oncology trends. The drug’s ability to isolate and target only cancerous cells promises a breakthrough opportunity globally. Read more below.

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About AUM Biosciences

AUM Biosciences (AUM) is an oncology-focused Asian biotechnology company committed to developing affordable cancer therapies. Dedicated to unlocking the value in innovation, AUM harnesses the power of precision medicine and digital health to support patients, physicians and partners. AUM focuses on earlystage development of innovative treatment of cancers prevalent in Asia with the potential to address global markets.

AUM develops potent and highly selective therapeutics in oncology, with an aim to change the drug development paradigm by implementing a holistic approach to developing drugs. AUM Biosciences is led by a highly-experienced management team with over 75 years of high-quality oncology drug development experience combined.

Headquartered in Singapore, AUM is strategically positioned to work with, partner and collaborate with leading research institutes, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies globally. AUM will have a specific focus on indications which have high unmet medical needs in Asian patients with global potential.

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