C-CAMP, Bangalore, India and AUM Biosciences, Singapore build partnership to develop small molecule candidates as drugs for cancer therapy

AUM Biosciences (AUM) has partnered with the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), India’s premier bio-innovation hub to strengthen its focus on the pre-clinical development of small-molecules as anti-cancer drugs. By tapping on each party’s strengths, both, AUM and C-CAMP, hope to advance India-discovered and -developed small molecules as drugs for cancer therapy for patients in need across the world.

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About AUM Biosciences

AUM Biosciences (AUM) is an oncology-focused biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the development of innovative, affordable cancer medicines for patients in Asia and around the world. AUM Biosciences will harness the power of precision medicine and digital technologies to enhance the therapeutic and economic value for patients, physicians and our partners. AUM Biosciences partners with research institutions, pharmaceutical companies to acquire oncology drugs that address unmet medical needs. AUM Biosciences focuses on early-stage small molecule development of innovative medicines for the treatment of Asian-prevalent cancers prevalent, or has a growing trend in Asia, with an emphasis on small molecule based drug design. AUM Biosciences was founded by industry veterans with over 35 years of combined oncology drug development experiences.

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For media enquiries, please contact:

Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed

E-mail: taslim@ccamp.res.in

Website: www.ccamp.res.in

Twitter: @CCAMP_Bangalore

Meera Jethmal

Manager, PR & Communications

E-mail: meeraj@aumbiosciences.com