Enabling availability and affordability of cancer treatment

Most patients usually discover cancer in the course of a routine test and only gradual, non-specific symptoms precede the diagnosis. Individuals are often pushed into a whirlwind of diagnostic tests, invasive procedures and complicated treatments with very little warning. It then requires multi-disciplinary treatments requiring patients to engage with numerous medical teams from different specialties. Cancer not only causes physical pain to patients, but more importantly creates emotional, social and financial ramifications for the affected patients and their families.

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"A growing number of people are being diagnosed with cancer. Treatments are becoming more costly and complex. It is this challenge that we, at AUM Biosciences, are committed to addressing - to be able to provide cancer patients timely and cost effective treatment. To reach this goal, we are partnering with academia, research institutes and both large and niche pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the drug development process and the market entry of these drugs across countries."- Vishal Doshi, CEO, AUM Biosciences

In all of this, we recognise that understanding the patients and their needs is core to providing easier availability and affordability of cancer treatments. That is why, Our Approach is focused on niche buster or small molecule therapy, where greater response rates will reduce the human and economic cost of ineffective treatment. Precision medicine therapy promises improved outcome for patients identified as suitable for treatment.

Combining this with our unique and pioneering focus on Asian patients across the globe, our strength lies not only in accelerating and reversing the process of the established ‘West to East’ model of drug development, but in having the ability to provide treatment specifically catering to over 60% of the world population in cancer in Asia, that is more than half the global burden of cancer.

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