Pipeline of Novel Targeted Therapeutics

AUM is developing a rationally designed pipeline of small molecule inhibitors that target critical genomic drivers of cancer. Our pipeline is focused on meeting unmet medical needs in oncology with the aim of finding a cure and, failing which, converting cancer into a chronic disease. Our small molecule inhibitors are selected to target “choke points” in cell signaling and survival pathways and are chosen for both potential efficacy as well as lower toxicity to facilitate intra-pipeline combinatorial strategies. The ability to simultaneously affect multiple targets critical for cancer cell growth, survival and metastases is central to success in oncology therapeutics. This can be achieved by both a combinatorial strategy as well as developing molecules that are “multi-targeted”. This also has the potential to reduce drug development costs and cost to the patient and health care system. We aim to deliver clinical benefit to defined populations using precision medicine tools and fulfilling our motto of “the right medicine for the right patient”.

Our Pipeline of Targeted Therapeutics