Target genetically defined patient populations

AUM Biosciences uses pioneering small molecule oncology therapeutics to target genetically defined patient populations, using a precise, high potential approach, so that the right people can access the right medicines at the right time.

Cancer is one of the world’s leading health problems with considerable morbidity and a high mortality rate. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, hitherto traditional means of cancer management, also cause damage to normal cells resulting in adverse health effects. The newer, molecularly targeted therapies are less likely to have off-target effects, with lesser potential for normal cell “collateral” damage.

Benefits of Small Molecule Therapeutics

Targeted small molecule

Targeted small molecule therapy is the foundation of precision medicine. Over 90% of pipeline oncology treatments today involve targeted therapies that include small molecules and biologics.

As a disruptor in the oncology drug development space, small molecules, appropriate biomarkers and a combinatorial strategy are AUM Biosciences' critical armamentarium against Asia-prevalent cancers. Scientifically driven matching of the small molecule with its relevant cellular target helps in offering patients tangible positive outcomes. This, in turn, results in increasing the probability of success over conventional therapies.