The Asian oncology therapeutics market is at the cusp of innovation and disruption. AUM Biosciences is committed to leading this disruption with our integrated approach to oncology drug development, which harnesses the power of precision medicine to accelerate development timelines, contain trial costs and improve patient outcomes.

AUM's Holistic Approach

Targeted Small Molecules

Scientifically driven matching of the small molecule with its relevant cellular target helps in offering patients tangible, positive outcomes

Precision Medicine

Ability to look at the background biology or genetics of a tumour using smart data

Innovative Trial Design

Combination of new innovations in trial design to evolve the drug development process thereby matching treatment advances to specific patients


Converting complex input into simple and meaningful output helping to reduce costs and accelerate the drug development process


Niche Busters

Pipeline of novel, targeted therapies with combinatorial treatment potential.

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Commitment to Cancer

Pioneering precision oncology treatment underlined by accessibility and affordability

Improving cancer management and treatment through niche therapeutics

Driving affordable and accessible cancer therapeutics for the Asian continent

Developing cancer therapeutics by harnessing the power of digital and precision medicine

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Focused on Value Creation

We are looking to partner with industry leaders, research institutions and academicians in developing new treatments.

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