Addressing unmet medical needs in Oncology

AUM Biosciences is focused on advancing a clinical pipeline of precision oncology therapeutics designed to deploy multi-faceted inhibition strategies to reverse cancer resistance

AUM Biosciences is committed to addressing unmet medical needs in oncology. We are dedicated to accelerating drug development timelines through innovative trial design and smart data, managing trial costs and significantly improving the patient journey globally and with a focus on Asia-Pacific cancers. It is this purpose and mission that has driven us to embark on building a strong, robust pipeline.

Our efforts to reshape the drug development landscape in oncology have not stopped here. We are pioneering a shift in the traditional ‘west to east’ model that de-prioritises the Asian market for drug development over the US and European markets, and relies on a “western” pricing structure, placing the medicine out of the reach of many who need it. When 60% of the world’s cancer cases come from Asia and with the number expected to grow to 14 million by 2030, our mission would be incomplete if we did not reverse this trend.

AUM Biosciences’ unique ‘Asia to global’ strategy is a two-pronged approach to focus on innovative clinical trials and leveraging efficiencies of working predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region, thereby addressing the needs of the region while delivering a global solution. At AUM, we insist on all development work being done at the highest global standard and for the benefit of all cancer patients. Being based out of Singapore, we sit at the commercial epicentre of the Western and Eastern hemispheres. AUM Biosciences’ leadership is thus, equipped with the strategic advantage of understanding the research and development space in both major regions. In addition, we have strong linkages to local research on Asia-Pacific prevalent cancers and the process of successful commercialization of drugs, that address the Asia-Pacific cancer epidemic.