Improve your patient management journey

“Digitalisation and precision medicine will be the key drivers in transforming personalised care in oncology over the next decade. Poised at the cusp of this discovery, AUM Biosciences believes that embedding smart analytics in drug development has the potential to reduce clinical trial costs by up to 20%, which translates to affordable healthcare and improved patient outcomes.

”Dr. Harish Dave, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer,
AUM Biosciences.


Implementing technology in the drug development process has immense potential to improve the downstream value of the drug. It not only has the potential of reducing the drug development costs but also allows us, at AUM Biosciences, to dissect ‘big data’ and convert it into ‘smart data’, that benefits future stakeholders. AUM Biosciences is the first company to implement comprehensive Digitalisation in Big Data Analytics. We have the ability to extract value from all of our drug development, including our failures.

During the entire process of developing a drug, we work with multiple partners in the ecosystem such as CROs, CMOs, central laboratories, imaging providers, logistics companies, data management providers, etc. Many a time, valuable insights that have significant downstream impact can be neglected in the process.

AUM’s digitalisation strategy is focused on ‘converting complex input to simple and meaningful output’,which helps to reduce the cost and accelerate the drug development process. We collect ‘smart data’ and provide a platform of secure and user-friendly data to our partners, that ultimately benefits the patients.