Empowering oncology therapeutics with Innovative Trial Design

Clinical trials are a critical component of the cancer drug discovery process. AUM Biosciences’ data-driven decision making emphasises upon a rational Digitisation approach to manage trial costs, improve study outcomes and make cancer therapeutics affordable and accessible.

Clinical research and commercialisation of cancer drugs is a time intensive process. Traditionally, a drug is put through several phases, focused on a sampling of people to determine drug efficiency and safety, before market readiness. Despite being a benchmark for drug discovery, the process isn’t viable, considering mortality rates and rapid cancer growth.


AUM’s clinical trial methods are innovative and disruptive, focusing on the development of new treatments to benefit patients. Our Digitisation approach has the potential to reduce the cost of clinical trials by 20%. By collaborating with clinicians and research partners, we make better informed decisions and add greater value for our partners, payers and investors.

We explore a combination of new innovations in trial design to evolve the drug development process, thereby matching treatment advances to specific patients. Rational designs in combination with small molecules and use of biomarkers helps us stay on top of our game, accelerating drug development quickly with greater impact.

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